Stefan Enjem

Vice President of OPEX and GM at ABBA Roller and IRP Medical

Mr. Enjem’s 20-year career has been dedicated to operational excellence and continuous improvement in the aerospace, automotive, and food and beverage industries. He is passionate about working with people, building relationships, and achieving results.

Trey Atkins

VP of IRP Medical

Mr. Atkins has been in contract manufacturing all his career since 1991, after graduating with a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology from San Diego State University.

Mr. Atkins has held positions in engineering, manufacturing operations, program management, and business development throughout his tenured career. Mr. Atkins joined IRP Medical in January 2013 to establish and grow the medical arm of the group’s business.

Rey Obnamia

VP of Technology & Regulatory & Operating Partner

Mr. Obnamia graduated with his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology/MIT Philippines with some M.B.A. graduate studies at De La Salle University.

His experience is centered on elastomeric and thermoplastic molding/extrusion operations with a focus on product development from materials selection, process development and validations, product testing and qualification, scale-up production, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. Mr. Obnamia has served as IRP Medical’s VP of Technology & Regulatory Affairs since June 2014.